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Andre Nagtegaal - Curaçao, My World...

Curaçao, My World...

My perception of island life.

dated 2007 until 2007, comment to the artist (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)

  • 'Ma sita'


    'chita' and her trusted old singer sawing machine, with which she kept food on the table while her husband was held prisoner in venezuela

  • folklore


    Giving thanks for the harvest the folklore dance is a major event

  • Brave mother nurturing and taking care of her childeren with little support.

  • humble curacao family making ends meet selling traditional island sweets

  • Pacheco


    Humble local selling 'pal'i lele' to make a living.

  • Washi


    The 'washi' was a useful instrument to wash clothing long before the washing machine was invented. Hard labour but very effective.

  • kadushi


    I can't think of a more iconic cuisine to discribe the local flavor. The cactus soup (stew) almost similar with the Giambo (gombo soup), to me really defines curaçao's taste. Here, Aina is perfoming the first steps to complete this magic concoction.

  • Mai


    Mai, selling 'briyèchi' , the official national lottery.

  • Tourist couple & child I once saw in Punda (Down Town Curaçao)

  • The 'blekero', which to my knowledge is an extinct profession on my island.

  • Pedro


    The fruit delivery boy (barkjes)

  • Bra


    The local 'choller' getting caught...

  • A tradition not likely to fade away for now. Having a drink with abondant theme to discus uppon until the wee hours of the night.

  • A profession gone with time. In the past, portugues labourer used to earn their living walking around selling icecream products in these unique portable containers. (vreezers). 'Bogi bogi', 'tempi', 'hi go go' and 'eiskrim sandwidge' arn't easy to find anymore.

  • Danny


    The 'chi-ku-cha', two wooden instruments used for transporting hacked of cactus pieces. The pieces will be laid side by side to form a fence, locally called a 'tranké'.

  • Gigi


    Typical Curaçao woman preparing food on a 'konfo'.

  • a tradition brought along from africa, kept alive today only by cultural events. At a glance it seems easy, but it's a very elaborate craft in getting a 'lensu di kabes' like that done.

  • piskado


    Humfri, heading back to shore , after a 'not so good' day of fishing

  • The traditional comeback dance.